We Have a Moment

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.33.08 PM

Kathleen Yancey, in her article “Made Not Only in Words: Composition in a New Key,” claims that English departments everywhere “have a moment”: we can continue to teach just oral and written literacy, or we can incorporate the literacy of the screen.  Yancey claims that, within this moment, a tipping point, we must develop a new curriculum for composition that fully integrates technological literacy into the classroom.  Students are already technologically literate, but these skills aren’t fully utilized in the classroom. Should they be, they can increase engagement via participation in a digital narrative. Like Yancey, others have discussed the importance of adapting technological literacy into the classrooms, but many of the suggestions are only technological extras to a standard curriculum.  Adding multimodal assignments like videos or even ePortfolios are useful, but often only exist as a small portion of a class whose structure does not come from a transmodal perspective.

Yancey claims that we have a moment and I want to use this moment.

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